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20 Years

Wow....time really does fly. Today marks my 20 year anniversary for my place of employment. (Technically, it is tomorrow, but I'll go ahead and call it today).

I have driven to the same place for the last 20 years....just think about that. I could probably make the trek with my eyes closed, I suppose. I have seen a lot of changes here in my 20 years, that is for sure. Seen many friends come and go. Hell, I met my first wife here. I had one of my brothers work here for a while. Friends from school, a cousin, etc....many, MANY people.

Yet, here I sit. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I still love my job. I still feel like I help people on a daily basis and that I'm really good at what I do. Is this a major accomplishment? Should I feel proud of this? I have spent half of my life with this company....HALF MY LIFE. Just typing that out makes it hit home a little more. 

Lazy Weekend

What a great weekend. Well, a great Saturday, to be more specific.

I'm not usually one that can just sit and do nothing. Not when there are so many things that need to be done. But, on Saturday, I did. The wife and I had a day of nothingness....and it was awesome. We had been busy the last few weekends and the kids were with both set of ex's, so it was just us all weekend. We decided we'd stay in and catch up on recorded shows and Netflix. We had been hearing about Stranger Things on Netflix so we binge watched it. It was fantastic. I highly recommend it. It was just so.....80-ish, if that is a word. From the music, to the font size of the opening and the credits....Hell, even the way the footage looked. It had a scratchy look to it, like it used to be when you were watching a VHS tape on a VCR. Nostalgic. It was only 8 episodes so we knocked that out pretty quickly.

Then, the wife took a nap and I was fumbling though Netflix to watch something else. Of all of the things Netflix had to offer, I couldn't really find anything. I eventually settled on Mission: Impossible III, don't ask me why. But, it was good, although I'm pretty sure I had seen it before. It made me want to watch Mission: Impossible IV but that wasn't on Netflix or HBO Go, so I was out of luck. The wife woke up and she decided that she wanted to pick back up on Grey's Anatomy, so that was how we ended the day.

Sunday was a blur, as always. Got up, did some things around the house that we had put off. I went to cut my MIL's grass, which was way overdue. It was hot and I felt like I was going to be sick after. But hey, weight loss! Went grocery shopping for the week, picked up the kids....and here we are.

But it was a great weekend, nonetheless. Saturday, alone, made it worth it. 

So This Happened Today...

You have NO IDEA how hard it was for me to chase this guy down and get this picture. But it was worth it.


Back Again (Again)

I think I have used that same title numerous times by now. I will get hooked on LiveJournal, forget about it for a few years, pop back on and then forget about it, yet again. LiveJournal didn't do anything to me, per se, I just get busy with other things and neglect my notions to put pen to paper type out what is currently going on in my life.

Well, here I am. Did anyone miss me? Show of hands? Anyone? No one. I figured as much.

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The Stranger

So, I wrote a short story. I've let a few people read it and they convinced me that I should share with anyone that might want to read it. I'm not one to typically put myself out there, but at the same time...it's very therapeutic. I'm by no means a perfect writer, but it does seem to just flow out of me when I sit down and start a story that I already have a small idea on how I want it to go. So, read and enjoy....maybe?

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Spring. FINALLY.

Do you smell it? Do you? Take a big ol' wiff right now, where ever you are. Wait, wait....THERE it is. No, not last night's clam chowder. Spring. The smell of fresh flowers, cut grass, dirt. Those smells that just scream "Winter is gone, come out and play". I was beginning to wonder if we'd even have a Spring with the way our Winter was going. (Please don't let me jinx it and have a winter ice warning tomorrow.)

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Isn't it funny how something like a color can instantly create a picture in your mind's eye? Try it....when I say the color yellow, what is the first thing that pops in your mind. Probably a sun or a flower or maybe something more significant to you personally. But you get an image of something. That's pretty cool, to me anyway.

So, I'm going to conduct a little test on myself today. I've written down a bunch of colors and placed them in a pile on my desk. So that I can get a fair reading and not have time beforehand to think of an answer, I will draw one at a time, at random, and jot down the first thing that comes to my mind. Might be fun, might be stupid. We will find out together!

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- Subway Restaurants got their trademark name not because their sandwiches resemble a subway car. Instead, it is because all of their toppings are grown in a dank subway tunnel somewhere in Queens. Even the meat.

 - Most bologna is made of either beef, pork or chicken. But if you read the fine print, a very small percentage is also made of alpaca. In some Southern states, you are lucky enough to even have meerkat.

 - 75% of homes in the US have traces of peanut butter in their jar of jelly or jam because we are too lazy to get out another spoon.

 - Most people don't know this, but North is actually South and East is actually West when looking at a map. Somewhere over time, most of the early explorers would get so drunk on the 3 year voyages across the Atlantic, that they'd never figure out how to hold the map correctly. I blame Columbus. And rum.

 - In an effort to be more cost effective, instead of rocket fuel, NASA has used cases and cases of leftover Zima from the early '90s to power the last 7 space flights. It was sitting unused in a shed in Bismarck, ND.

 - Against all odds and logic, Elvis really is alive. He shares a 3 bedroom ranch-style house with Tupac in Phoenix where they spend all day doing crosswords and Sudoku.

 - Facebook wasn't always the name that was going to be used when they rolled out the current social media giant. Other possible names that were given serious consideration were StalkerPage, BookFace and WEOWNYOURSOUL.

 - The three most common reasons for depression in the US are money issues, relationship issues and being a Dallas Cowboy fan in the Tony Romo era.

  - In 1987, Johnson & Johnson actually invented a Band-Aid that when applied to your arm, and then removed, would not rip the hair out of your skin. But it was never launched to the public because where was the fun in that?

- Skittles might seem like a tasty snack, but they are actually the colorful bowel movements of Leprechauns. Hence their slogan "Taste the Rainbow."

(Insert Witty Response Here)

Well, well , well....back again. I swear, I never intend to go so long between entries, it just sort of happens without your control. Sort of like a bad hair day. Or kidney stones. Either way, I'm back and what does that mean? Well, truth be told, probably nothing. But you are here with me, so that automatically makes it, like, 3.5 times better. Right?

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A Life That Was Lived

How can you sum up your life? Can you? You were born, you were raised to obey certain rules, and you will die. But the parts in the middle are what makes everyone different and unique. People live and people die. That may be the truest statement that you will ever say and even the simplest mind can completely understand.

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